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The South African Red Cross Society has two National Offices (Cape Town & Johannesburg). Hermanus/Overstrand falls within the ambit the Western Cape, and, it is one of the two Stations in the Overberg Branch (the other one being Greyton).

While we are autonomous, we report to the Western Cape via our annual AGM, the auditing of our finances, quarterly reports, training results and award certificates.

Our Station is run by a Local Hermanus Committee of volunteers which is representative of a cross-section of our community. We have a Chair, Vice-chair, Treasurer, Secretary, and the 4 other members with different service portfolios. We warmly welcome new Volunteers.

Left to right Hugh Hopkins, Jennie Martin, Angela Heslop and Provincial Manager Ms M Wotini

Each Red Cross Branch & Station responds to the particular needs of its own area, and in Hermanus our focus is upon Disaster Management Support, Medical Loans, Training (First Aid and Home-base Care), Welfare & Feeding Schemes and Funding of Projects (responding to appeals of under R30,000 from social & health projects with a specific need).