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Report on Fire Education Initiative-Hermanus Red Cross role.

In May 2015 concerned community members convened by Morag Swanepoel met in order to offer practical support to fire victims through the Overstrand fire department. Angelo Aplon of this department talked through issues with us and emphasised the importance of the local community involvement in fire prevention.

In late July Angelo Aplon put this group in touch with Hennie Zeelie who had designed the fire response units. Hennie donated these units in what is a pilot initiative and Mayoral project. A meeting was held with fire officials, Annelize Zeelie coordinator of this project and Hennie Zeelie. Hennie Zeelie was to be involved in Fire Education and how to operate the units. It emerged that first aid training would be helpful. Thus I provided this as 2 hr course and 5 first aid kits for each of the fire response units.

The main concern is long term supervision of these units at grass roots, these will be assembled in 5 geographical areas in Zwelihle. Clearly the fire department and local councillors play key roles, however the local community mostly in shacks will need ongoing training and support to prevent fires and support where fires occur.