Core Functions

Core Functions - An International Perspective

The Main activities of the ICRC are to:

  • Promote the 1949 Geneva Conventions and their 1977 Additional Protocols and see to their development and implementation.
  • Assist and protect victims of war and internal violence by, for example, undertaking prison visits in times of war and political tensions.
  • Provide relief to the victims of armed conflict and internal violence and ensure that protected persons are treated according to humanitarian law.
  • In times of peace to disseminate International Humanitarian Law, for instance, by organising conferences, conducting workshops with, amongst others, armed forces and civilians, to raise awareness of Humanitarian Law.
  • Re-unite families dispersed by war and conflict for instance by maintaining the Central Tracing Agency in Geneva.
  • Play a substantial role in the international campaign to ban landmines.
  • Issue travel documents to enable people without identity papers to reach host countries or return to their countries of origin.
  • In collaboration with states and national societies, provide health and social services to vulnerable people to prevent communicable diseases such as HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and polio.

Core Functions - Hermanus

Each Red Cross Branch or Station applies the International and National Organisation's Mission in a way that best suits its own situation on the ground, and in Hermanus/Overstrand, our focus is upon: