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Completed Red Cross Facility

Hermanus Times: Author Daleen Fouche

Red Cross in new Aberdeen St premises

After an eight-year wait, the Hermanus Red Cross has moved into its new premises.

The big move to Aberdeen Street took place earlier this month, and Red Cross now runs a medical loans depot and a first-aid and home-based care training centre from this premises.

"We are very relieved to have moved into our new home," says Angela Heslop, chairperson of Hermanus Red Cross.

"Moving always has its ups and downs, but we are starting to settle in."

Hermanus Red Cross and the South African National Tuberculosis Association (SANTA) have a lease contract with the municipality for the Aberdeen Street property for 25 years, although they own the new building established on it. The lease is R114,80 per month, escalating every July.

The municipality sold the property the two organisations were previously situated in, in Royal Street, to the United Church, on condition the church helped the two organisations settle into its new premises.

Before construction on the new building started, the public land situated across the street from the taxi rank in Royal Street and the Hermanus Times office in Aberdeen Street was used as a "free-for-all" parking area. Heslop, however, says she has a vision for the remaining public open space behind the new building.

"I would like to see it used for public education," she said, especially health education, given its proximity to public transport nodes. However, it is more likely to be used once again as a parking space. But if we all pitch in, it can be so much more."

Anyone interested in getting involved in, or knowing more about Red Cross training, can visit or contact the office in Aberdeen Street.

RED CROSS IS OPEN in @ 2A ABERDEEN STREET. HOURS 10-12 md daily not Public Holidays

News-June 2016

We hope that the NEW facility will open in Mid-July, completion of storm water pipe installation has delayed this. Shop fittings in place and furniture ordered. However ,there will be a long completion of tasks.

NEW FACILITY FOR RED CROSS AND SANTA (South African Tuberculosis Association)

Over 8 years ago the United Church purchased the land on which Red Cross and SANTA are sited, in old cottages, possibly 70 years old. As our land was needed a plan was made to build a new facility in another area in Hermanus. The facility needed to be in 5-8 kms radius from the Central Business District (CBD) as people collect medical aids. SANTA used their cottage for selling books to raise funds for the TB work thus a shop front was essential and had to be located in a central position. Much time has passed in finding a site, monies involved, municipality leases and heritage issues that have arisen

Finally in 2015 a decision was taken and a building designed is situated on municipality land. This building is in a Cape vernacular style and in a central position in Aberdeen Street and Royal Street (Now through Road). The facility is on a piece of open land with some large trees. There will be 4 designated car parking spaces.

Building started in January 2016, when interiors and shop fittings are complete the facility will be opened in May or June 2016.

August 2017

Blanket scheme to assist St Vincent de Paul

2014-2015 Blanket Distribution

Blankets are made by many people in Hermanus and the project is based in Anya's Mum Cafe in Hermanus. Colourful blankets have been distributed to the elderly and babies in the wider community of Overstrand since early 2013. More recently the South African Red Cross Committee of Hermanus has undertaken delivery and today, the 9th July Sister C Giliomee of Stanford Community clinic received 11 colourful blankets.

Chairperson: A Heslop

2012-2013 Hot Box

Vuka Energy Savings Project approached the committee about developing the hot box method as a method of cooking that could be taught in the community. They have considerable know how from their work in the Stanford. We have started with 6 demonstrations and plan to use Ubuntu Bethu in Zwelihle as a centre. This collaborative project partners with Hermanus Rainbow Trust. It aims to reach a larger audience and show people how they can cook food reducing fuel costs, introduce energy saving methods and avoid accidents related to cooking.

Visit their website:


Put your cut up vegetables, meat and beans/lentils/samp in pot. Bring to boil.simmer for 15-30 minutes.meat alone will need a longer cooking time. Do not open box-heat lost. Wrap up in news paper, blanket and put in close fitting card board box. Leave overnight.ready to eat next morning. Heat up and serve.

2013  Woman's Action Group : Mount Pleasant upgrade

Hermanus Red Cross has assisted Women's action Group (WAG) in Mount Pleasant upgrade their premises and empower women. Angela attended a Women's day dinner as a guest of honour.

2011  Safety Roadshow

The Hermanus Red Cross funded a Road Safety Show in August as the committee is less involved with the immediacy of disasters, however believes that there is considerable work to be done in prevention of disasters in particular fire. The aim was to promote safety (at-home and in-the-neighbourhood) Network partners include Whale Coast Radio, Hermanus Rainbow Trust, Enlighten Education Trust, Child Welfare, the Police Forum, Vuka Energy Savings and the Municipality.

The safety road show was undertaken in August 2011 on Zwelihle soccer field with the idea of linking an education event with entertainment as a positive approach to creating awareness. Prior to this initiative, 18 NPO's were invited to respond to a questionnaire to elicit their perspective about the most serious problems in the community as our aim was to network and think about approaches in addressing safety issues in mind. The road show approach was endorsed in the NPO's responses.

The show aimed to introduce people to safety at home and in the neighbourhood. Whale Coast radio provided entertainment; the Fire department and SA Police service staff assisted the Red Cross to create visual and lively demonstrations addressing safety and prevention of fire, different and suitable paraffin stoves, candle safety, hot box method of cooking and treating a burn. We would like to continue this on a smaller scale in schools and neighbourhoods. This type of education is hopefully about assisting communities to be more resilient in the face exposure to hazards , a recommendation emerging from a document published in 2009 (Ref 1)

2010/2011  Camphill Farm Community

Psychiatric Assessments & medicine review for 13 Residents with special needs.

This arose from a motivation from Camphill Farm Community as the Provincial Hospital does not have a resident psychiatrist and there is no psychiatric nurse to visit people at home. Residents need to be monitored to assess response to medicines including blood levels so that acute situations are avoided and that residents function comfortably and well. Thus it was felt that residents should be seen in Camphill rather than in the clinics.

Psychiatric assessments of Camphill residents were achieved on site with the assistance of a Hermanus Provincial Hospital medical doctor and funding of a former psychiatric sister. All residents were reviewed.

2010  Hermanus Clinic Reception

Additional seating and some repairs have all contributed to improving the Reception area of the Hermanus Clinic.

2009  Children's Witness Room - Hermanus Court

In collaboration with a number of other organisations, the Red Cross assisted with the provision of an attractive and comfortable Witness Room at the Hermanus Police Station / Magistrates Court so that children no longer have to go into the Court, but are enabled to testify in a friendly, safe and non-threatening environment especially set up for this purpose.

2008  Zwelihle Fire Disaster Victims

Rebuilding of homes destroyed by fire.

2008  Pre-School Christian Academy

Funding of playground equipment (swings, see-saws, jungle-gym etc).

2007/2008  Crèches in Zwelihle, Mount Pleasant and Hawston

First Aid Training of crèche personnel, and the provision of First Aid Kits to crèches.

2007  Victim Empowerment Programme, Zwelihle

The equipping of the Trauma Room at the Zwelihle Police station including (story & drawing books, filing cabinet, kettle, crockery, stationery) to assist after-hours volunteers.

2007  Ubuntu Bethu, Zwelihle

Complete refurbishment of the Centre from which Hermanus Rainbow Trust runs its Children's Circle of Support program which provides nutrition, clothing, extra-mural activities and psycho-social support to orphans or vulnerable children who are affected by HIV/AIDS (illness, child-headed households, loss & grief) or living in circumstances of extreme poverty.